A couple of things I've read, not sure if there is any truth to it. comments/wisdom appreciated


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Apr 6, 2012
Central Iowa
I just read that you can sex snowflake bobwhite's at hatch by their color when they hatch? Is this true or false? I've found nothing on the internet that supports this comment. Anyone have experience with it?

"Wolfe's Quail Farm says: Snowflake Bobwhite quail. The only species of quail that you can tell the sex of as soon as they hatch out. If they are very light in color they are hens. If they are darker in color they are roosters."

"http://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu/pdf/8155.pdf Eggs that have been stored require a longer incubation period than fresh eggs, so you should make sure to pre-set them or allow them more time to hatch. Eggs that have been stored for 2 weeks should be pre-set for 10 hours; those stored for 3 weeks, for 18 hours."

So could this second statement be why we have some eggs that hatch much later (days later) than others that we set at the same time? Does this mean the older the egg the longer it takes to get out of the shell?

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