A couple of uhnandled EE pullets (8 weeks)


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Apr 13, 2014
Has anyone had luck with socializing older unhandled chicks?
I recently got two EE pullets from a lady who was starting an egg business and ended up getting a few birds that she didn't order. So these guys were raised in a shed with I'd say probably 300 black sex links and have never been handled prior to being caught out of the herd. They're quite understandably -terrified- of being handled/around people and acted like I was trying to murder them when I put some water in their cage.


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Jun 29, 2012
They may never be cuddly-snuggly with you, but with patience and time they can learn to trust and like you. Be patient with them, offer them food, and read their body language. If they have even a shred of friendliness in them, that will bring it out. If they never warm up to you, don't feel bad--some chickens just aren't friendly, regardless of whether or not they're handled.


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Jun 18, 2010
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Time and patience are going to be the key here. You can't push it or try to go fast, it'll just make them more afraid.

Don't try to handle them at all at first. Feed and water them, act very matter of fact around them. Don't chase/stress them. Give them treats and find some thing they absolutely love. Food will be how to win their hearts....once they start eating that treat, coax them closer and closer with it. Once they accept you right on top of them, start catching them. I'd start at night, when they're on the roost. That eleminates any chasing, etc. Just pluck them off the roost, holding them securely. Hand feed them the treat and put them down. Repeat, repeat, repeat, holding longer each time. Eventually you'll be able to pick them up during the day.

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