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We own and manage our 10 rental houses so our local Lowes has come to know us well! I learned a couple of ways (from my landlord forums) to saving money on anything we purchase there...

1. One can pick up a 10 percent off coupon (good for up to a $5000 purchase) in a "new homeowners" packet that many post offices carry. Sometimes one has to ask the postal clerk for one, sometimes they are out for simply picking up.

2. Since we are FREQUENT Lowes customers, I've found it easier to purchase 10 percent off coupons through ebay. Today there are 1200+ ads listed for these; most offer free shipping. Each coupon runs around $1 each (less if their expiration date is getting close). I tend to buy 15 or 20 at a time as there's an excellent chance I'll use all of them before their expiration date.

3. On one of my landlord forums, someone mentioned www.plasticjungle.com, a site where one can buy (and sell) those unwanted/unused gift cards one gets for Christmas presents. For Lowes, the discount on purchasing one is 7 percent; if a larger card (typically over $200) is purchased, the discount goes up to 9 percent. Coupled with the coupon, that's almost a 20 percent savings. Plasticjungle offers a VERY wide variety of gift card choices to buy or sell (around 100 different stores).

4. Lowes (and I'm assuming other "big box home improvement stores; Lowes is the only one we use) also offer discounts (typically 10 percent) for folks who have been in the military.

Just some suggestions to consider taking advantage of when buying building, etc. supplies.

Great to know! Hubby has been in the military. We don't have any large stores close by, but do drive the hour to them if we have a large project.

Thanks for sharing!
If you have a 2,000.00 or over materials list on anything in the store, take it to commercial sales desk and have them send it to the quote center. It can save you up to 20% or more on some items. This is at lowes.
Thanks for the tips! I knew about the coupon from the USPS in the moving kit, but I never thought of buying those Lowes coupons thru ebay!

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