A day made of glass, new technology from Corning

No we don't NEED it and frankly, I don't WANT it, either.
I'm with you-back to the way it was...
Pretty soon, we won't need to use OUR brains anymore-all of the thinking is being done for us-pass for me.
I agree. So much of this technology only isolates people. Just look around you at the young people staring into their phones and texting, when twenty years ago they would have been saying something to another breathing human being.

I was amused, (watch the vid again), at the putrid color of the scrambled eggs he pours into the frying pan. It looked gray/yellow. I guess that's another part of the great future.

I'll keep my sore hands, chainsaws, good neighbors helping each other, and suffering the elements. More convenient is not always better.

I don't know if I like it either? Seems a bit much, don't you think????
It is kinda cool but my first thought is I'd have wipe all those fingerprints off everything all the time! LOL. I dont think it would work for me but I do think this is were we are headed.
They sure are not energy friendly with so many of us are pinching pennies to save every bit of our elecriticity and gas. I guess the companies don't care about saving money as long YOU get to spend the money on the bills.

And it would be very costly if you have rough and ready kids, those things can break or crack. No good for earthquake zone areas.

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