A Different Milking Question


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I got my goats home. My problem is that I don't have a stand. I have ordered one. I am going to call them tomorrow to see if they can rush ship it.

Not being very bright, I thought I could improvise on the goat stand and be able to milk with just food in front of the goat. I had hoped to build one. And the lady I bought the goat from insisted that I pick her up today. I had hoped for a couple more days to prepare.

My question is how much do I need to milk this doe to keep her in milk for a couple more days til I get my stand with stanchion? According to the lady I bought her from, she produces 6 pounds of milk a day. Which the lady said was 3/4 of a gallon.

I don't want to ruin this doe for the stand. Tonight was an event. I had to have help. I can see how the stand is really an essential thing.

As it was my first time, it took me quite a while to get better than a quart. Not to mention that I had to hold the does foot down.


12 Years
Jul 9, 2007
Blue Mound, Kansas
Well till the stand comes in you can tie her to the fence and milk her. I have had to do this and it seems to work good or you can have someone hold a back leg and milk her. The dont seem to try to get away as bad on 3 legs. Its best to hold the back as that seems to be the 1 they try to put in the bucket. Also someone can hold her and you milk her and just do 1 teat at a time and hold a leg. There is always a way if you need to ...I have done all types of things when it was raining and they wont come out. Good Luck


12 Years
Sep 19, 2007
Poolville, TX
You can try hobbles if you have any, maybe the feed store has some. The goat I had stood still without a stand and let me milk her without food, even. She was great, but I had to give her back because she was mean to the baby and I only had one pen. I'm gonna kick myself HARD later down the road. I would milk her dry. That would lessen the chance for any problems and keep her milk in. I know it is a pain, but you don't want her drying up on you and she will if you don't milk her. Good luck.

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