a ditched rooster


In the Brooder
7 Years
May 7, 2012
Someone ditched a rooster out in front of our house. We managed to corral him but now we need to figure out what breed he is. Let me know if you need different pictures.

Cuckoo Marans rooster. He's gorgous, not sure why anyone would want to get rid of him.
Thank you! We thought he was pretty too! Not sure why someone would get rid of him but he will go nicely with our black copper marans :)
I wish someone would have been around to record us chasing him around pastures (we didn't know the neighbors had a fishing net we could have used) but thankfully I spend a lot of time here reading so this guy is in one of our dog kennels for the next month getting used to our flock and home. Hes not a fan of our dogs yet but our lab decided to keep him company any way.

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