A dog attacked my chicken and now she is trying to eat herself!


Dec 18, 2020
I have a hen that was attacked by a dog two days ago, at the moment she is doing fine and eating and drinking water but I feel that this situation could take a turn for the worst! She no longer has a tail and hair tail bone is showing a lot she has some loose pieces of flesh on her sides under her wings and she has made it purple from pecking at it... Please help if you have any advice this is my cousins chicken and we are both very close to her, I really want her to live
Right now we are spraying a little bit of hydrogen peroxide, putting rooster booster Pick-no-more cover-up lotion and it is not working(it can be used for hens), and we are also putting Silvasorb gel for healing.
We have tried to bandage it but she just eats the bandage and takes it off, Do you have any advice about keeping the bandage on?
Is there something that could be irritating the wound? I've heard that stop pick lotion can do that but if she was picking herself before that then of course it's not that.
I think it is irritating her but I am not sure specifically is irritating her. And she was doing that before we put it on. I am thinking it might be because her bones are showing, chickens like the taste of chicken, and it is red.

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