a dog has attacked on of my chickens.

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    Nov 22, 2011
    a dog has attacked on of my chickens. It was bleeding but isn't anymore. It ripped the feathers & skin off under her wing. a big spot!! she won't eat or drink. I have her in the house in a box with a towel over the to to stay dark. she moves around but not good at all. (my son found an egg in the box today) what do I need to do? please help Thank You & God Bless
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    Hi and welcome to BYC.

    I have had a chicken injured by a dog before, too. What I would do is give her a soak in a mixture of warm water and diluted betadine, about the color of weak tea. That way it cleans and disinfects the wounds you found and ones that may be hiding under her feathers. After the bath, pat her down with a towel and then put her someplace good and warm. She needs to be kept warm and quiet. She is probably just a little bit in shock and sore from her injuries. Give her access to food and water. Some high protein treats will help her heal faster - mealworms or a scrambled egg. If you can keep her inside at least until the wounds scab over, that will keep flies off and other chickens from pecking at her.

    Chickens are tougher than you think. She will probably be up and around in a couple of days.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome sorry it is under these circumstances. I would suggest Gatorade or some kind of electrolytes in the water along with eggs or whatever she will eat. I also think you need some type of broad band antibiotic. If nothing else Tylan 50 the dosage would depend on weight of the bird but if she is old enough to lay I think 3/4 cc should do the trick. If you have diabetic needles they are so small the bird will never know she was pricked if not get the smallest one you can find at TSC. Inject just under the skin not in a vein or muscle (under the wing works best for me). Do this for 3-5 days switching sides each day. Neosporin without pain reviler on the wound would also help.

    Good luck a nice, warm, quiet place inside is best IMO! I am no vet this is just what I would do.

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