A Dozen Eggs & still counting.......

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    I'm waiting on the incubator to arrive any day now, my confirmation said 2-3 business days but I want to remove some of the eggs to incubate, and leave some for mom to try to hatch herself if she broods. Now, when I decide to take the eggs, should I remove the older eggs that were laid 1st, she started laying on August 27th, laid 1 every other da for 3 days, after the 3rd egg she started laying daily starting on August 31 and continues to lay. We got our 12th egg this morning, she has yet to start laying. She goes in sits, lays, and comes out and doesn't go back in until she has to lay another one. So, what she I do about the ages of the eggs and incubation? Go with the oldest, or the newer and have her lay on the oldest eggs? KWIM? I can see she turns them and moves them because I've numbered the eggs each day they are laid and she covers them up with bedding. Dad is still mating with her, but not as aggressive as when this 1st started. I'd like to possibly incubate 6-8 and leave the rest. I want to candle the ones I take so I can compare from now and compare again in 7-10 days after incubation. Watch, she isn't sitting yet, but as soon as my incubator comes she'll probably decide to lay FT and get in a hissy mood about me getting close to her. If that is the case, so be it GREAT! But I have a feeling she isn't done laying or will sit FT any time soon. Good Lord, I can't image 20 eggs!! Or more!

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