A duck hatching a chicken egg?


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Apr 30, 2010
My female duck is laying on some eggs and I put a couple chicken eggs in her nest. Now I think my chickens are laying their eggs in her nest.
My question is; would the duck raise the chickens? I would like to take them away from her when she hatches them so I can raise them but Im not sure if she would allow that. Im worried that the chicks might follow her into the pond and drown also. I hope someone can help me with this, and thanks ahead of time! :]
I would take the ducklings from her even if you have to endure a little ruckus from her. Odds are they wont make it if you dont.
When my duck hatched out chickens I took them away and she stayed on the nest and hatched out her ducks a week later. They really will drown the little chicks from what others have said.
I'd love to hear how things go for you! I've got the opposite right now; a chicken sitting on a duck egg.
Chicken hens raise ducklings fine. They get a little frantic when the "kids" enter the water, but that is the only problem. When duck hens enter the water, the chicks stand on the shore screaming. When the foster mom comes out, the chicks will try to get under her and become wet and chilled. Sounds as if you are gong to be having a staggered hatch anyway; therefore, I would recommend removing the chicks as they hatch.

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