A few deep litter questions

Lisa Wood

7 Years
Mar 6, 2016
AIKEN, South Carolina
Ok, so this site has me considering deep litter method. Question one: Other than ammonia, which will not happen in my coop are there any other more pronounced smells? I have been just picking manure with cat scooper every day. No smells.
Question 2: I got the benefits are by creating your own little eco system, it is healthier for the birds, giving them little benificial microbes and stuff. What about other insect life forms? Flies, fleas, lice, mites.,Is there increased chance with litter method?
I don't have deep litter in the coop (we do deep bedding with pine flakes in there) but have it in the run. The odor is a compost, earthy smell. I have not noticed an increase in flies, fleas, mites etc.


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