A few I can't ID

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Shawnee Moon

In the Brooder
Feb 27, 2015
Powell, Wyoming

This chick was solid black, and sold to me as a Black Australorp, along with two others who are also turning red in front. I named this girl Robin, for obvious reasons.


This chick was sold as a Buff Orpington. She blended right in, with the exception of a slightly rosier color, hence the name Rosie. The Buff Girls are big and golden, she has a closer much darker feathering and is lighter built. No idea. She was a solid yellow chick like the others.


This is a Buff Orpington girl. Some of the buffs are light, a couple are darker... This one has black barring on her neck and wing feathers. Another has a reddish brown color on her head.

I definitely got a surprise grab bag of chicken!


It is curious!
First one might be a black sexlink pullet. Second looks like a production red. The third is a mixed breed. Might be a buff columbian Sussex. Buff Orpingtons are a solid golden buff color, with pink or white feet.

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