A few questions about pheasants.

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    I have tried googling a few of these questions and I just get such diverse answers I thought I would come to the forum with people who actually raise pheasants. I just have a few questions and I'll try to be clear and brief.

    1) How much should I expect to spend on fertile pheasant eggs? I have seen live birds st. run for $2/each but I've also seen hatching eggs for $3.50 each... is it worth it to incubate should I buy chicks?

    2) What are the ethics of releasing into the wild? The stickied post talks about releasing them at 20 weeks old, I am interested in this.

    3) It says the eggs are small, would they fit in the genesis 1588 hovabator quail rails or will I need to stick their eggs in normal chicken turners?

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    1.I would buy chicks rather then take a chance on shipped eggs,unless you can get eggs locally.Shipped eggs don't seem to hatch that good.
    2.You will have to check with your local Fish and Game as wether you can release them.They may require a permit to release them.
    3.They will not fit into quail racks,you will need to use chickens racks.
    4.You pen that you raise them in will have to be huge.Ringnecks are very aggressive towards each other.And I hate to say it,but you may have to put blinders on them,and remove them before you release them.
    In N.H.,Tony.
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    I know this is an old post, but I thought I might add that I get ringneck eggs locally for 50 cents a piece, and not to mention, I usually always get atleast 30% extra for free. $3.50 an egg sounds ridiculously high to me. It sounds to me as if the person selling for that price has only 1 breeding pair and thats the reason for such a high price.

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