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    Aug 17, 2011
    Hi, I hope someone can help answer a few questions that I have.

    After a few years of not keeping chickens due to my work load, I took the plunge and got 6 hybrid pullets as I now have time again to care for their needs.

    When I collected these pullets 2 weeks ago, the lady I purchased them from said they were 24 weeks old, and that she had a couple of eggs from them so far.

    Now at 26 weeks (and happily settled) I am still waiting for eggs. I have read many post on here from members that had waited till 30 weeks + for their first egg, but I thought that hybrids started laying earlier than pure breeds?

    I am starting to wonder if she sold me old hens, is there any way of telling a chickens rough age?

    2 of them have quite pale combs and wattles, and the other 4 seem to be getting redder in the face and combs and wattles are slowly getting bigger, so is this an indication that they are young?

    Like I said, they are hybrid, the seller told me that 2 are speckledy, 2 are marans, and 2 are light sussex, but she did not say what they were mixed with.
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    Moving is a major stress for your birds, and they may need time to adjust to their new home. Make sure they are parasite free, and eating good stuff, and then wait it out. Younger birds will have smoother leg scales than old birds; not as nasty looking as scaly leg mites, but rougher. Mary
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    Aug 17, 2011
    Their coop and the chickens are clean and mite free. They also have a good diet of layers pellets and fresh veggies almost daily and they are allowed to free range for at least a few hours daily.
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    Mar 10, 2016
    Getting redder in the combs is a sign they are getting close to laying.
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    Can you post pics of heads and legs?
    What's the protein percentage of your layer feed?

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