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    Ours do also. You can use vaseline if you're concerned about frostbite. Their feathers do a nice job of keeping them warm. Don't over think it, you could end up doing more harm than good in the long run.
    Good luck :fl
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    That is just way too cold for man or beast. I have a deep respect for anyone who survives that and lives to tell the story :bow
    That’s me coming from Houston, Tx :lau
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    Jan 24, 2016
    Ive had hens for 3 winters in Indiana, I assume our winters are similar. My coop has the pop door, 4 windows, a ridge vent, and the eaves are all open. I leave it like that year around. Last winter and a couple years ago we had over night temps well below zero with wind chill temps -30 f. I have a variety of breeds, all have been just fine. I have my windows as high as I could get them as to not blow directly onto the hens when roosting at night. Youll have more problems keeping water from freezing. Insulation will attract rodents.
  4. MissChick@dee

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    I like your idea of a green house roof but if I could build my dream coop I would use it outside. You know make a nice covered area that keeps snow out. One thing I will do next year is put more roofing atop my run. Right now there’s a tin roof above the coop it keeps it nice and dry but on bad weather days I know my girls would like some sun area that’s dry.
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    These are my coops but I live in Florida. I live in North Central Florida and we can get some freezing weather in the winters. When it is forecast to be really cold out I do close the vents but they don't shut tight so there is always airflow.
    2014-05-06 17.41.03.jpg
    These coops are open on the other side. I did put tarps up because in the summer the rains generally come from that direction and the feed got wet.
    We added another coop since this picture was taken. 2014-11-18 17.08.57.jpg
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    I have what I call shade/rain tables in all of the pens. The birds use them to get under when it's hot out for shade and they get under them when it rains. All of the pens also have nice shade trees. Because it's hot here for several months the birds prefer the shade. I have a pasture I let them out in but there isn't really any shade so usually they would rather stay in their pens. They may come out but not for long.

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