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    May 20, 2011
    I'm almost through framing the walls so we'll put them up tomorrow. I don't plan on having any interior walls just putting that T1-11 over the outside. I wanted to paint inside to help with cleaning so I was planning on just using Kiltz primer. Does that sound okay? Do I need to sand down the boards on the inside to apply the primer or can I just paint it on the rough wood? Is it okay to paint the nest boxes? Also, I have some linoleum that was given to me but I would have to piece two sheets together. Would staples work okay? I'm using the deep litter method so it will be covered but having a seem run down the middle makes me a little nervous. Thanks
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    Smooth wood is just easier to paint, but you don't have to sand anything. The rough wood will require more paint, but that's about it. You might want to goto HomeDepot and upfront they usually have paint that other people bring back because they didn't like the color and you can buy it for $5/gallon, so you could put a coat over your primer and maybe get a darker color so the turd stains won't show up so much as they will against the white kilz paint [​IMG] Staples are fine also as long as they are stuck in good and not half sticking out, lol. Whatever works [​IMG]
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    May 10, 2011
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    I got barn paint at lowes and it sealed beautifully! Comes in black (who paints their barns black??) Red, Green and white. I used Green to blend in with my trees.
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    May 5, 2010
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    I wouldn't bother sanding, just paint it. My has held up nicely. I wouldn't even buy the paint if you can help it. I had left over paint that I used. I also had a few people offer me up their old paint to use. You could mix several partial gallons to get what you need and by mixing them you would have one uniform color. Do it with the right colors and you might come up with somehting you really like. I did paint my nest boxes.....pink, left over from my daughters bedroom.

    Stapling the linoleum would work, but I would get the glue for it instead. It will hold better. Also by gluing it I think it would offer better protection for that seam down the middle. If you are putting wood chips in over it you will never see it and they too will absorb any moisture that could cause you issues. you can get the glue in small (quart size?) amounts at Home Depot and Lowes.

    Also if you wanted to finish off your inside I used 1/4 inch chip board plywood. Once painted it has held up pretty good.
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    Mar 31, 2011
    I definitely would paint the inside! Kilz is not scrubbable, and it will eventually peel off. Look in Craig's list for free paint, or post in the wanted section what you want!

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    Don't bother with Kilz or sanding, just rub off the splinters and paint it. I went high gloss white inside for a bright interior and so I could do a bleach & water scrub down in the fall and the poo doesn't stick very well. Definately paint the boxes especially the floors and the poo boards with a slick finish paint, even if you are going to use removable catch pans. Glue down the vinyl and set the walls on top of them if possible (glue the seam where the two pieces butt up and set some weight on the seam till it dries). You might consider sand instead of shavings as sand does not soak up uric acid and stick, sand behaves like kitty litter and clumps.

    How about some action photos for us too see [​IMG]
  7. Amp

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    May 20, 2011
    Thanks everyone
    I'll start a new post later today with the progress of my build.

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