A fox killed my chickens


Mar 20, 2016
So I'm crying as I type this, but a fox (so my neighbor says) killed 7 chickens and a rooster today while I was at work. I have one chicken left
My questions is.. For some amazing reason if any of them got away and ran and hid.. Would they return back home at night like normal? Or are they too traumatized and if any did make it out alive they will probably just get lost?

Thanks for any help..

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for my one loan chicky
So sorry for your loss. Are your chickens free ranged? If so, and some got away, they may come back. It could take a day or more if they've been traumatized. I would leave the coop open for them in case they came back at bedtime so they could get in. Did you find any bodies? Feather piles, or did they just disappear? I would make sure the one isn't injured, and make sure she has a safe place to be. If you don't find any survivors, you may eventually want to get her a few friends. Chickens are a flock animal and like to be with other chickens.

Thank you for responding. I'm traumatized.. I can only imagine my poor chicks
The neighbors say it was a fox. I found multiple piles of feathers.. Including one intestine. The one left over is not injured.. Just scared. She is still eating and drinking so I took that as a good sign. I left the door to the run open, but I'm too afraid to leave the coop open for the one survivor. I pray they come back.. they free range during the day, but are locked up at night and now I'm afraid to let her out!
Unfortunately, the cost of free ranging can be very high. I have runs attached to my coops so I can lock them up when predators are lurking about. I think our dog helps to discourage predators, too.
This chicken keeping thing can have a high learning curve, too often at the expense of our birds. But it's an enjoyable hobby just the same. Since I raise them for meat as well as eggs, I've learned not to get too attached. It's what works for me.

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