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May 8, 2011
I have a coop (lean to style) and I need to add a run to it. I was thinking about adding an A Frame run but I have some questions. With the A Frame style, there is no covered area over the run. The coop/run is located in a very shady area that does not get direct sunlight. So I thought that this style would be fine, since they are already in the shade, they don't need a roof to shade them even more. But, then I was worried about rain. Since there is no covered roof, would the rain bother the chickens? And, if I was planning on putting sand in the run, would it be a bad idea since there was no covered roof? Would the sand just get washed away or something? I'm hoping someone can help me out with these questions. We had planned on building a covered run but the handyman said the material would cost $400 and that's way out of my budget. I'm just looking for something more economical.
You will be fine without a cover over your run. If the rain is light the chickens will stay out in it and if it is heavy rain they will go back into the coop. I have a few that stay out no matter what.
Nah, chickens generally don't mind a bit of rain, and if they want to go indoors for a while they will

I add sand to my walkways in the runs (and next to my waterers)- just sprinkled pretty lightly and it helps a great deal to cut down on the mud.

You can also put up a canvas tarp inside the run like this if you want to do it later (I know this really looks tacky but it is chicken heaven when it is raining- they love it):
I have a similar type run and last winter I neatly bungee corded a clear shower curtain on it with about a foot of uncovered area around the bottom for ventilation. It gave the chickens a protected area and lots of natural light. It was great as long as it was cool outside, but I took it off once it started warming up as it was alot like a greenhouse!

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