A funny thing happened when I went to check on the ducklings

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jdywntr, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Today wasa the first day that I have let my muscovy hen and her ducklings out of the brooder or coop. It was in the high 60s today and sunny so I figured it would be a good day.
    I was periodically going out to check and make sure they were okay and nobody was bothering them. I also went ahead and counted to be sure nobody had disappeared. The ducklings are usually always in a pile so with them somewhat seperate and while they were busy exploring, I counted. There were 12. I thought. Apparently someone has always been hiding for the last 2 weeks because there are actually 13!

    I mean there were times that I would count 13 but I just figured I counted someone twice. So, I am the proud new owner of thirteen ducklings.
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    [​IMG] Well Congratulations.
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    Same thing happened to me 16 years ago with Standard poodle puppies. Our white poodle (bred to blk male) started having pups at 2 PM, so 12 hours and 12 puppies (2 AM) we had 8 white and 4 brown, we were all exhausted but we waited a couple of hrs to make sure she was finished and went to sleep. when we checked on her about 5 hrs later one of the brown pups was really dark and we looked closer and reallized she'd had 1 blk girl. Then when I started to clean her whelping box and counting, there were 9 white pups. ( I had to recount several times I'm dyslexic) 14 puppies total needless to say lots of extra bottle feedings.

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