A Grieving Guinea Male


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Aug 3, 2016
I bought a pair of year old Guinea's this spring and was so in love with them. Well about 3 weeks ago the female traveled to far and was hit by a car and died. Since that day my male has called and called constantly for her and the neighbors are starting to get annoyed. Will my male accept another mate or is that route futile? I have tried a mirror to calm him and even borrowed some geese decoys to try and help. Nothing works. can someone please give me some advice on how to proceed from here.
He will need a friend. Guineas are flock animals and many flock birds can die from loneliness. They, like other group animals, feel isolated, become depressed, and sometimes stop eating due to depression. In the meantime, you may have to spend more time with him.
That is what we thought and not sure that we will get a female or just stick with males. He has started roosting in the coop with my other chickens and a couple have accepted him. I feel so bad for him but almost more sorry for the patient neighbors. Thank you for responding. We will be going to a animal swap meet to get him a new friend.
thank you, I/My husband are at out witts end, and do think that we need another Guinea for companionship. #headedtothenextanimalswapmeet
Get him some partner to talk to,forange with, and dust bath with something like that LOL
guineas are flock members and hate to be loney,and can be stressed to death sometimes.
In the wild they are totally monogamus, but in domestic polygamus have been reported.
He will accept a new mate,although it might take time for them to bond and breed.
best wishes
Update on the Grieving Guinea Male. We found him a temporary home with other Guinea's until the next animal sale on the 20th of Aug. He took to the adults very fast and they gave him a tour of their yard and returned to us as we watched. :) Thank you for all your comments and soon will post when we have our new member/possibly members of our flock. We are so relieved for him and Thankful to the Guinea sitter for her help!!!
Thats great news. I know he is happy to be with a flock again. It won't be long he will have his own flock again. Good luck with everything.

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