A hatchling!

Jo Protherough

In the Brooder
May 30, 2020
Well we have a chick! The sensible broody hen (as opposed the the mentally cross broody hen and the anxious broody hen that would die of thirst and hunger if I wasn't pipetting water into her each day and risking my fingers to hand feed her) has had a little black chick with a white spot on its head. I am already suspecting a boy as the father, called Dot, was thus named by the kids that incubated him because he had a dot on his head. I have named the little one Dash.

ALL of the other hens have gone potty all at once. They are all trying and sit on Dash and tuck him under their wings in a teetering pile of chickens, and it was getting a bit silly, so we have moved sensible hen plus Dash plus her nest box into our little isolation hut and run. We also put anxious hen in there for company, but have had to stick her nest box on a higher bit as every time Dash went peep she was going and squashing herself into the other nest box with Sensible Hen. I am not at all sure this was the best idea I have had but I felt that the other eggs were at risk when the other chickens were piling onto them.

This is emotionally draining.


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