A hawk scared me to death


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Aug 25, 2020
I just chased off a hawk after I saw through a window it was trying to grab one of my chickens. I ran out the door while yelling at the top of my lungs. I’m sure my neighbors loved this. I’m in city, and the leaves have departed my huge Mulberries. My chicken managed to evade by also flying around the shed, but I scared off the hawk overall. I read several ways to deter, but I know I cannot harm the hawk. Sigh, all my almost seven month old chickens were scared and hiding, but accounted for. Any better advise to make in in city back yard seem less attractive to hawks?
Your birds need to be locked in their safe coop and covered run for two weeks or so, until after this bird gets discouraged and moves on elsewhere.
Scare tactics can be helpful, but won't work for long, and will include you or a chicken safe big dog being on duty all the time.
About the only way to protect them is a good covered pen for them otherwise sooner or later you're going to loose a bird/birds. The hawk like many other predators, will lurk looking for an opportunity and when you least expect them, they will strike. Good luck...

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