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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bigmike&nan, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Our blue and black mottled bantam cochins are now 9 weeks old. We thought we had 3 hens and 3 roosters.

    One of the hens was one of two runts in the litter, the other runt being a rooster we named Ike. Well this runt hen grew and a couple weeks ago started acting real bossy... Then last week I saw what I recognized as a more roosterish behavior: facing off with the roosters and standing VERY tall and fanning the neck feathers way out... We were hoping maybe she would just be bossy hen, kind of our version of a biker chick, but now "her" comb is really growing and lately she's crowed a couple times.

    Today I got up early enough to video it. We posted the video on Photobucket so we wanted to share our morning symphony with you. It's comical how they crow and crow. In about 2 weeks they'll have a coop of coops to live in, a 6x12x6 foot run to discover the outside world from and as always all the love in the world from their adoring parents... Enjoy.

    Sadie the "bossy hen" is at first alongside and then moves between "Greyman" and Mamie the hen on the perch... I pan the camera over to the right and there she is (at about 1:20 seconds remaining)

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    That is cute! I love it when they start learning to crow- sort of. [​IMG]

    I have 9 wanna-be roos in the little room off our bedroom right now, at 3-1/2 weeks. I'm really hoping to get them outside before they start!

    Thanks for the video, funny! [​IMG]
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    lol That was a great video. I love it when roos first start crowning and you go to talk to them and they talk back lol
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    Oh my goodness, that was just the cutest video!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Yes, I'd say that little one you thought was a hen is a rooster! LOL

    When my grandson gets home from school, I'll have to show him the video. He's 7 and LOVES roosters!


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