A little help please!


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5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
Minneapolis, KS
OK so starting our coop this weekend and I want to make it last for a long time. Right now we will have 6 layers in it but I'd like to make sure is can be OK for up to say 20. The little building is 7'x 4.5'x 6' high. The run will be the same width but around 30-35' long. Will that be enough? Everything is going to be stripped new and rebuilt from the existing posts of the little building. Another question is does anyone have any last minute advice on predators? Out here we have coyotes, opposums, raccoons, stray dogs and cats and goodness knows what else. I won't be able to handle something getting at my babies.



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6 Years
Dec 28, 2013
Grand Junction, CO
What I have read is that you need 10 square ft of run per chicken, so the 7x35 is plenty of space. Predator wise - use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire where you can. You can bury it several inches which will help with predators that dig. And if you really want them safe, put a lid on that thing. It's a great setup! Good luck!
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