A little salvation after poor Ebay experience

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by l'uccello, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    In the form of two apparently healthy Partridge Rock bantams.


    We received nine eggs after winning them on Ebay and I immediately got a bit concerned when we opened them and found almost all soiled with dried droppings. There was more than I thought reasonable and it made me wonder how quickly they had been collected. Then at first candling we found two clears and one blood ring and pulled them, and some scrambled air cells that added to our worry. Second candling showed three quitters that had to come out, two that looked good and one questionable. Third candling on day 18 showed the questionable egg was bad too, so we went to hatching with just two left. Crossed our fingers and waited. Right on schedule, one pipped on the morning of day 21 and it hatched without problems right in the middle of the day. Second one pipped a little after that, and popped out on the morning of day 22.

    I realize that others have had much better experiences with Ebay eggs, but given this ordeal with our first try with them I'm not sure we'll be trying again anytime soon. Would have definitely gone through this message board if this type of egg had been available.
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    The post office is so hard on shipping them. It might not have been the seller's fault. Thats why when you buy hatching eggs you always have to expect the worst. I would try to find some closer to me next time so you dont have to ship them.
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    also eggs with poo on them isnt anything bad. It happens. If the poo is easy to come off I just pick it off with my finger nail over a paper towel or if it's just stained with poo I just put them in the inc. The incubator doesnt care [​IMG]
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    chickens hatch they with poop on them all the time. i know we as people are way to fussy. but if you can pick and choose the cleaner they are, may be helpfull.
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    I am glad you got your two babies!! It is so much fun when they hatch!! Congratulations, and keep on hatching!![​IMG]

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