A&M, Tuxedo, Jumbo brown quail eggs~~$5 for one day's eggs +shipping


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Hey there, I am getting up to 19 eggs a day from my quail. I have many different colors, most are seperated by color.

Pen #1 has 10 jumbo brown females, with 2 jumbo brown males

Pen #2 has 5 A&M (white) females with 1 A&M male

Pen #3 has 2 tuxedo hens (1 dark tux, 1 orange tux) with a dark tux roo.

Pen #4 has 1 golden female, 1 orange tuxedo female, 1 orange female, 1 golden male, and 1 orange tux male. This pen has just started laying, so I'm not too sure on how their eggs will do.

Shipping is about $5-$7 depending on your zip, plus $2 for paypal and packing materials.

I have a few orders to get out, but these would be available after Tuesday. I can do as many days as you are comfortable with.

Thanks!! Pics available upon request.

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