A meat bird that breeds true and like the cornish X?


6 Years
Dec 23, 2013
North Branch, MN
We're raising cornish x's for the first time. We talked to a lot of folks who have them and read a lot- turned out we were managing wrong at first and what I've seen has been wrong management, so we changed it up. Our cornish x group is a fast growing, healthy, charming, active group of birds that are also calm and approachable. Some individuals are very endearing. It's going to make it hard for me to eat them in a few weeks. Thankfully, my husband can separate emotions and butcher for me. But he's also really loving these birds. We know that these very birds are hybrids. We like the idea of raising our own from eggs- breeding them and raising them out. Are there breeds that resemble somewhat the personality, activity, health, and eventual dress out like the cornish x? Is there something sort of close?

I'm not sure if you'll get much response here, but there are several threads on the Meat Birds, Etc section dealing with sustainable meat breeds, maybe look through some of them and see if any strike your fancy. No bird is going to ever match the CX for amount of weight gain in a short time, but things like Rangers or Dixie Rainbows are gaining popularity.

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