A mixed coop help:)


6 Years
Aug 29, 2013
Winter Haven Fl
How big should my coop be for 3 silkies and 2 ameraucanas. So far I have designed a coop that is 3x4 with one or two nesting boxes(leaning on probably just1) and a run underneath that is also 3x4 they will be free range as ofte as possible(im a stay at home mommy) do you guys think this will work. These will be my first chickens on my own. I live in central florida. Thanks in advanced
That can work. You should be ok. configured correctly they will have enough space to roost. If you silkies roost.
Bigger = more chicks in the spring.

Wish ya the best.
Are these your first chickens? If so I would start with two. I just finished my coop and scaled down to two birds to start. If may be easier to manage until you get the coop 100%. I would make the run longer just in case you aren't able to free range as often as you think. I'm new to this and my dogs are causing problems. I'm glade I only have two birds right now.

Good luck.
I had chickens growing up but these are the first I am going to do all the planing and coop design for. Im getting my silkies first then that weekend im getting my ameraucanas. I will definantly see how it goes that week and see if I can manage. We are usually outside anyways playing and gardening so im sure I can handle it but its a great idea to test run a few chickens first before expanding.:)

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