A&Ms More Agressive?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by JMoriarty111012, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. JMoriarty111012

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Dallas, TX
    I have roughly 50 A&M quail. They range from 2.5 weeks to 3 months. I've noticed that they all seem far more aggressive than any of my other, non-A&M quail. Has anyone experienced this?
  2. 5Sons Coop

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Cold winters
    I only had one batch of each and had them all at the same time. Rosetta were the most mild, then A&M, then jumbo brown and the goldens raised the most ruckus. I now only have 12 A&M 1 brown and 2 Rosetta thanks to a dog. I was thinking of going with just A&M this summer because they are so hearty and docile. All of my quail were more and equally aggressive when they were younger, except the goldens ruled the roost. Also if spring is in the air in TX these youngsters could be a little more eager than your older birds.
  3. dianneS

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    Mar 16, 2009
    South Central PA
    I just hatched both standard brown and jumbo white A&M's and found the opposite to be true in our case. The white ones have been no problem, but the browns were aggressive right out of the shell! They've chilled out since then and everyone is getting along fine now. They're all almost 4 weeks old.

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