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A new flock!

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by warmheart, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. warmheart

    warmheart Songster

    Sep 30, 2012
    Norton, MA
    This weekend, we brought home our flock! We found some very sweet, special girls to love, spoil, and care for.

    A 4 month old Barred Rock, "Agatha Cluckworth", a 6 month old Partidge Rock, "Penelope Cluckworth," and a 6 month old Golden Comet "Prudence Cluckworth." (photos in the next week or so)

    I am in LOVE! Each came from a less-than-ideal situation, and are glorying in the thrills of ranging about a large, fenced garden filled with bugs, worms, slugs, fallen pears from the pear tree, late-season tomatoes, vegetables, and an available container of fresh water and a bowl of Agway Egg Builder pellets. (I even confess to tossing some occasional roasted mealworms their way)

    Oh my goodness, I have never felt anything so sweet, special, and silken as the soft necks and shoulders of these girls when my fiance caught them and held them for me to meet. They quieted, and each turned such beautiful, clear eyes my way. Did I mention that I'm in love?[​IMG]

    The Golden Comet came from an overcrowded situation, and bullies the other two Rock girls. Will she ease up, in time? I imagined she had to be tough to survive in a crowd. I know she learned that young, but I hope she'll ease up on the other two, eventually. She is SUPER-FRIENDLY and tame with people! WOW, what a people-oriented breed! "Oh my gosh, you picked me up!! Oh, okay... gonna do nice things for me now, right?"[​IMG]

    The Barred Rock is only 4 months old, and not as tame, more nervous. I so want her to feel relaxed and come closer to me someday. I'm patient.[​IMG]

    The Partidge Rock is tame, but not so people-oriented as the Golden Comet. She is thoughtful-seeming, and loves the pears which fall from the tree. (Okay, I'll admit to slicing a few up for her and the others!)

    Thank you for reading and helping me welcome my new flock. Thanks also for any guidance and support. I really appreciate this forum to learn!
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  2. Y N dottes

    Y N dottes Songster

    Sep 1, 2012
    South Central WI
    Im glad everthing is working out so well.....good for you
  3. DianaMallory

    DianaMallory Songster

    Jul 20, 2012
    Lancaster Ohio
    Is she being a bully or trying to establish the pecking order? Do you have a nesting box for your comet? Some of my golden girls started laying at 14 weeks. And by 5 months old all were laying! I bet she is trying to be the lead and will continue to bully until they get to know each other. Do you have a coop for them?
  4. warmheart

    warmheart Songster

    Sep 30, 2012
    Norton, MA
    Thank you for the congratulations! Yes, I have a 3-nestbox coop made of cedar. I've peeked into the nestboxes once today, lifting up the roof lid, and the Golden Comet hurries up to me singing, pecks my jeans, and insists on getting attention/being petted! [​IMG]She sings as you pet her. I have the feeling it's "her world," and we're all just living in it.[​IMG] Is she a fluke, or are Golden Comets this friendly? How wonderful that your girls started laying so early. I'll look in the boxes again this afternoon.

    I appreciate the encouragement and warm welcome very much. Thank you!

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