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9 Years
Sep 25, 2013
Afton, WY
We have had chickens now for two and a half years. What an adventure it has been, too! We had no idea how much psychology was involved in keeping chickens or how attached we would be to the critters! At this point the eggs are just an added bonus.

We have quite a mixed flock. We have:
A rooster, Peepers, who is a Lavender Orpington and my mother refers to as a "Churkey" due to his massive size.
A Golden-laced Polish hen, Zoja, who I am using as my avatar. She is a wild and crazy chicken!
A Buff Silkie, Opal, who was, ironically, Peepers' favorite until she went broody. We will see if she can regain her place!
An Australorp, Tilly, who can be a bit of a bully because she's our biggest girl.
A Production Red, Roxie, who gets along with almost everyone and lays like clockwork.
A Red Sex Link, Amber, who also lays like clockwork. She has moved way up the ladder while Opal has been broody.
A Buff Brahma Bantam, Jazzy (Jasmine), who has been a house chicken living in my niece's room for two years now after a near-death experience in the coop at the beaks of her coopmates (This was before we had a rooster.). She now prefers us humans over other chickens!

We just lost our Splash Ameraucana, Winnie, who was quite the individual! She was wise to the world and leery of anyone trying to bribe her with something but also the first to try new things. We will miss her as well as her beautiful blue eggs!

We live in a small town of 1800 and thought we couldn't have chickens here in town. However, after we watched the British mystery series "Pie in the Sky" and saw the nice little pen and run the main character had for his chickens and how he would go out to the coop to think and talk to the chickens my niece, who has autism, began to talk keeping chickens. My mother, thinking there was no way we could possibly have them in town, talked freely with my niece about keeping chickens. Little did she know I would jump on the bandwagon and go to the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting to find out! Well, it turned out the ordinances had been changed at some point for a completely different reason and it inadvertently nullified the "no livestock or farm animals in town" rule! The committee's advice was "go get chickens and they'll be grandfathered in if the ordinance changes again"! So, we DID!!! And thus began our love affair with chickens!

I have greatly enjoyed doing research on BackYard Chickens website and look forward to being part of your community!
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Welcome and hello from Alaska.
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