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    Apr 30, 2017
    Soooo my girl brought home two unsexed ducks and they developed a few problems along the way. First one was when the duckling lost all hia feathers/down from his entire body except for the back of his/her wings and the chest/underbelly...this is over a month later and the feathers hav yet to return. When i say lost i mean he looks like a crippled duck dipped in nair that somehow didnt soak his body so patches remain.... The other duckling no longer walks on his feet....he hobbles around like a paraplegic unable to spread his toes still attempting to use his nubby knees like feet and tearing em up as he tries. I can snap a pic or vid to show you what i mean, i just wanna know what the *xpletive deleted* is wrong with my goose and maverick.... I love em both and it scares and worries me that nothing is getting better. I found the. Hairless one **** near drowning once if that helps.... My girl wasnt paying attention and almost killed goose(nofeathers) i had to nurse him back, soft food little water and lots of body heat did it...he would curl up behind my neck under my hair and fall asleep while cooing...it was adorable. After that i loved em, please can someone tell me whats wrong with my babies and if i can fix it?
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    Hello, and welcome to BYC! First of all, your second duck has bumblefoot, a relatively common infection in the pad of her foot. If this is pretty new and has not progressed too far, you can usually treat it by washing it, injecting an antibiotic into it, and keeping the bird in a clean environment for a few days or until the infection has gone away. Luckily, bumblefoot cannot kill a duck, although it can greatly reduce their quality of life. If the abscess has progressed to a hard, scabby stage, however, it won't go away unless you remove the core. You should try to find a veterinarian in your area who will be willing to perform this procedure, but if not, you'll have to do it yourself. Your first duck is a little bit more of a mystery. One idea is that it had mold poisoning, although I can't see why the other one didn't. This can sometimes lead to ragged-looking feathers. More likely, though, he just molted and is taking a while to grow back all of his feathers. Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.
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    [​IMG] I hope good advice will be forthcoming.
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    G’Day from down under notarubberduck [​IMG] Welcome!

    Sorry, I have no experience with Ducks and as you have already received links to some good starting points and some good advice, I will just wish you all the best.

    I hope you enjoy being a BYC member. There are lots of friendly and very helpful folks here so not only is it overflowing with useful information it is also a great place to make friends and have some fun.

    You might want to also pop in and say hello on your local thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/26/where-am-i-where-are-you ‘Find your State’s thread.

    If you would like to share pictures and stories of your flock, you have come to the right place. BYC’ers never tire of these and do not back away slowly or commence eye rolling when the photo album or home videos come out [​IMG]

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