A poop question


11 Years
Nov 8, 2008
Hi everyone - this is my first post. I have learned a lot from all of you and thank you in advance for any information you may offer. In the morning when I open the coop I notice one poop under the roost, usually in the same spot that appears to be a little bloody. It is solid but the shavings around it are a little red. I have broken the clump up and it almost looks like there are wood shavings in it - it seems fibrous. The hen who I think is doing this appears well. her comb is slightly pale, but she is eating, drinking and otherwise active. The other seven hen are likewise busy and fine. This is certainly worrying me. Are there any ideas?
Obvious question, but has she been getting into any berries? Mine are currently going nuts under the mulberry tree, which is tinting their poop redish. Just wondering, as she seems fine to you. Also, is there any dried blood on her eggs/vent? Maybe it's from laying...I don't know, a more experienced person would be able to help. Good luck.
Thank you for your suggestions. I think (I hope) I have it figured out. They have been having access to unshelled sunflower seeds. I took them away and have seen an improvement (no blood in the ppop) in the last few days. It seems one girl had had more than her share or she is extra sensitive. Again, many thanks!

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