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  1. I am going to help with a benefit auction for a 24 year old young lady from the small town I am from. She had been sick and not getting any better in the local hospital (not somewhere you want to hang around, if you get my drift) and they shipped her to a large big city hospital to find she had a perforated intestine, and Crohn's Disease as well. She is very ill, infection throughout her system, and has been this way for several weeks. Please lift her and her family up in prayer as this is a very trying scary time for them. From what I understand, either one of these ailments are extremely critical, and to have them together is defintely life threatening. She always was such a sweet funny kid in school, when I worked in the cafeteria, I just hope and pray she can pull through this and get back on the road to good health.
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    Prayers being sent up for this young woman and her family. [​IMG]
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