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Feb 3, 2008
Fingerlakes Upstate, NY
I'm getting some new chicks in a month and I'm planning on housing them in the coop(12'X12') where I currently have only three laying hens. I plan to clean it out good and everything before they come.

However the question is, where to put the layers who's home I'm stealing? Well, I'm thinking of building them a nice little coop of their own. That said, I don't want, nor do I have the room to build a whole new pen too. I know they can't be housed together. But can I just put the new coop(doghouse sized) into my current chicken pen? I'll keep the pen door on the old coop shut.. Is that too close?


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Jan 12, 2007
Land of Lincoln
I had done that before and didnt have a problem at all.

I got a 4 x 7 shed and got a 28 x 28 rabbit cage on legs with carboard wrapped all around and heat lamp secured. The chickens were roosted on the far end while in front is the baby pen. It might be tight but it is doable in a short while before you let them all run together.

It is not for everyone but if that is the only thing you have room for, that you will make do.

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