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  1. Hi!
    I have a question about two of my silkies. I bought three silkies at a poultry show. They are between three and six months old now. My white one is docile, very sweet, and very mellow; so I'm thinking she is a she. The woman I bought my buff and blue was honest with me, informed me that they are nearly impossible to sex until they get older. She helped me pick out a few that she said were "hennish" LOL. Well......lately I have been noticing that my blue and my buff seem to squabble a lot. Nothing harmful or violent just a lot of hopping/flapping wings at each other and minor pecks on the back. Seriously, they act like my kids do in the car. They have tons of room and honestly are kind of spoiled [​IMG] I have other chickens in the run with them, and for the most part the silkies keep to themselves (I call them the three stooges). Could this behavior be indicating that they are young roo's?


    Here is a pic of them now that they are older, if it even helps.......[​IMG]
    They don't have much in the way of combs yet. The buff is the oldest of the two.


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    I am pretty sure your blue is a roo... and I'm thinking your buff may be too. But I would like to see a couple better shots of both. Their crests are that of what a roo normally looks like. Still its not a guarentee they're roos either. I've seen hens with thinner crests... its what appears to be those fly away streamers in the crests that make them roosters.
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    Agreed, the blue is a boy. A side pic of the buff would help in the ID.

    But that does not mean that they are both boys. It could just be that the blue has no sparring partner of the same sex and he's chosen to challenge the buff. I've seen my own do that. A forceful female will womp on a boy who over steps his bounds and a timid female will run.
  4. I was thinking that with the blue as well. He looks like he has a little pompadour, LOL!
    And tell me about dominate hens! We have an older gray silkie hen who puts our younger RIR roo to shame. She is the grouchiest thing I have ever seen, LOL! We named her Slappy, after the grouchy squirrel on animaniacs.
    Thanks guys for your help!
    Here is a side view of my Buff.
  5. A few more pics....




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