A question about tube feeding and a few other things...

Bocktobery 10

10 Years
Oct 8, 2010

Hopefully someone could help me with these questions..

I've started tube feeding my sick hen again. I went to get my Kaydee baby chick feed and noticed that it smells- well, like crushed up vitamins- not a pleasant smell. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal or did it go bad? I haven't used it and plan on getting more just in case but would like to know if it will go rancid after a year? That is about the last time I used it.

I'm also not really sure how much I should be feeding my chicken. I've read that 30 to 40 ml is a good start? I know my hen has not eaten much substance since she fell ill, and that seems so little for a day. Her crop takes a long time to empty. It does empty and she is passing the food, just that I fed her today at around 4 and the crop was not really empty even at 11pm.

Another thing I noticed when I put the tube down her throat was that her mouth looks bluish tint in color... is this normal? I thought chicken's mouths were usually pink/red.

Also, if you put the feed down the wrong pipe and into the lungs would you know immediately or could you deposit the feed into the lungs and just have your chicken die later from it? Or would your chidken show signs immediately like chocking and gasping? (I know that probably sounds stupid, but hey, its still a question and concern I have floating in my head I'd like some verification!)

Do sick hens waiver from day to day- having a good day here and then another bad day? Yesterday she ate a whole cup of cooked peas by herself... today she did not eat anything at all. The feed that I used to tube feed her with was some stuff like cooked egg, yogurt, greens, carrot, oats and for some sugar boost apple cider that I mixed in a blender with some warm water than strained. I only gave her about 30 to 40 ml... is this ok for a whole day for a hen that hasn't been eating?

I started her on antibiotics too... seemed to help at first, now I'm not so sure.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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