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9 Years
Dec 27, 2010
Hi. I have two huge maples behind my house, and between shade from the house and shade from the trees the area never gets sun. Its eternally a big ugly unproductive mud pit. I want to trim back some of the maples branches so the area can get sun in the mornings, and planting some kind of shallow rooted vegetable there. My plan is to make raised beds with wire on the bottom to keep out the tree roots. Anybody think this will work?
I don't know. The maples in my yard are so densely leaved during the summer months that very little light gets through them. Even after being trimmed, nothing grows under them. I figure my yard is a lost cause because I can't even grow weeds there.
What kind of vegetable do you get from all these lovely plants?
The wire mesh will not keep the roots out of your raised beds. Maple trees are notorious for their invasive root system.
Might trim the limbs back and use 1/2 whiskey barrels or large pots to grow your veggies....something with a solid bottom to keep our the roots.

The lack of sun retards fruit/flowering, so those grown only for the leaves will be ok in shaded areas. They will be 'stretched' a bit and not as vigorous as in full sun, but you'll get a crop from them all the same.
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