A rambling rant (sort of)


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
I was contacted last week by a girl off Craig's list seeking some chickens. Fair enough - I have 4 Barred Rock Cockerels I'd like to sell and she was interested. She bombarded me with email after email inquiring about my hens and wanting to buy egglayers. I never said I had any pullets or hens for sale but she kept asking so I finally conceded that I would sell a few of my pullets that should start laying in April.

I keep seeing an abundance of ads being posted by her wanting to buy all sorts of poultry but only if they are laying hens, roosters (to breed with the hens) and large Tom turkeys for mating to her females. She keeps posting all these ads stating her vehicle is crap and she can't drive over 40 miles so she would like if you could deliver or meet her halfway.

Today she posted an ad seeking chicken feed and wanting to know if you could just feed them corn and if not, please email her and let her know what chickens should eat and how much you are charging for your feed.

I just want to
WHY! Why would anyone be seeking to get a bunch of chickens if you have no decent vehicle, no ability to pick them up, no feed and no clue what they could eat!

I decided I will not be selling her any chickens.
Sounds like she needs to spend more time here, reading, and less time on Craig's List. I too get very frustrated when people don't make the connections in their brains that these are living animals, not an "object".

Good on you for not selling!
Next time she calls, say this. "Hello, to learn about chickens, come onto Backyard Chickens!" *click*

So yesterday I got an email from same person wanting to know if I was going to meet her halfway (thirty mile drive for me) and bring her the chickens.

I replied and said no - too far for me to drive and the cost of the chickens wouldn't even pay for my gas. (this is the truth) More than that, I just had a baaaaaad feeling in my gut that something was seriously not right...

Tonight, cruising Craig's List, I found this

there is a women in (town removed) posting tons of wanted listings for poltry - chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail, eggs, incubators and turners.
she is a liar and idiot.
i dropped off 1 rooster and 2 hens this morning. she lied and said that yes chickens are allowed in city limits.
her area consists of a 24" poltry netting fence and a wood box on its side. no nest boxs, no feed/water bowls, no roosts. she told me that she had a cover for the fence and had told me the day before that she was going for feed. so i let it go.
i had a bad feeling about the whole thing but i wanted to be nice and help out someone. i was sooooo wrong not to listen to my gut instict.
so i went back for my money that she didn't have this morning. of course.
the neighbors caught me and told me that the police had confiscated the chickens because they were all over the neighborhood. so i had to track down the chickens, lots of driving all over (town removed). only 2 of the chickens were found.
so i am out 1 hen and i'm alot of ticked off.
but i want others to beaware that this women has no buisness with animals at all.
on her porch is an old retractable leash that she apparently tied her dog to. the animal had maybe 2 square feet of area to move around in.
she is weird as hell and just a mess of a human being.

I just knew something was not right. I decided chopping off my roos heads and dressing them for dinner was a more humane thing than supposedly selling them to someone who doesn't have a clue about what is the proper care for a chicken.
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