A safe altative to mite spray

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by dianer29, Oct 28, 2009.

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    Aug 31, 2009
    My Silkies are in our garage in one of their runs until we finish up coop ventilation etc,hopefully real soon. Meantime back at the farm.......... should I already be using a preventative mtce product on the Silkies . They just turned 9 weeks old. I clean after them during the day and night , DE (food grade )is in with pine shavings in a small litter pan mixed together but not throughout the run. The garage has a cement floor.I use ACV daily in their water holder,which will not assist mites only internal pests.They get garlic chopped fine with brown rice daily as well ,also internal mtce not external. I prefer the more natural preventative measures if such exist. I plan on using vaseline on their legs if/when they do get mites. I do not know if chickens are ever free of them or must bemaintained thru their life due to necessity. I will continue to use garlic and the ACV for their lifespan addressing the parasites. BYCERS ,is there a "product" out there relatively effective,low cost, have a very low side effect impact,and tried and true?
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    there is poultry protector first state vet supply has it it is all natural and really just citrus acid I think but works for mites.

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    You seem pretty proactive to me. Maybe you don't have anything to worry about? I haven't done nearly as much as you and have never had mites - I've had chickens for 2 years. In any event, potash is a natural material you can use as a dust.
  4. Do not forget DE. As a proactive, you can spread it amougnst your birds without doing any harm.
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    I do not honestly see any reason to do more than you're doing, plus inspect them every couple weeks to make sure you don't see anything crawling on them. They'll be FINE [​IMG]

    Good lcuk, have fun,


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