A shared experience made these chicks best buds

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    Two days after we got our chicks, we woke up to find one dead in the water bowl and two more soaking wet and laying on the floor barely breathing. I didn't know what to do so I tried drying them off and wrapped a washcloth around each of them to keep them warm. After an hour their breathing was even more labored and they had both stopped even trying to move. By then I was freaking out. I was all alone and didn't know who to call so I called my Dad (because he knows everything). Thank god I did because as it turns out, my step mom used to raise chicks. Through my sobs, I finally managed to tell them what was going on and was told to place them directly under the heat lamp, even closer than usual. So I did and an hour later they started to move. And in another hour they were trying to stand up (they looked like drunk chickens. lol). And 3 hours after that, they were back to normal....with one exception. They never leave each others side. They sleep together, eat together, roost together and when we let Mira out of the cage by herself, instead of exploring like most of the other chicks, she went and stood right next to the screen because Cali was standing on the other side. It's so precious to watch. I wonder if they'll always be like this?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    chickies are very social. Sounds like they have a strong bond now. Glad to hear they are doing ok after their ordeal.
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    Not at all uncommon for animals of all species to have a "best bud." Such relationships generally last throughout their lifetimes. I have and have had many beagles and most could care less who they are kenneled with or next to, but I had a brother/sister pair who were absolutely distraught when seperated. Caused lots of problems whenever she came in heat.[​IMG]

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