A story of recovery


10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
NSW Australia
About 2 months ago, one of my easter egger girls (about 13 weeks)
started to walk around like she was drunk. i had seen this before (Mareks)
the days went on and she got worse and worse until she wouldnt walk at all.. she would still eat when i put here near food.
a few weeks later i knew she was on her death bed, she would lay on the ground all day and seem as if she was asleep, she had not recovered at all. (if you saw her you would have said to put her out of her misery.. but i am just a kid and i hated the thought of it)
then one day i went down to close the pen and somehow she had got on top of the boxes, i thought my sister may have put her up there. but she continued to somehow find the power to fly on top of the boxes. and a few days later she started walking again, slowly at first but she got faster, she still limped a little like one of her legs lacked her control, but now she is completely healthy. i dont know how she made it, but i am so glad she did, because her father (the only araucana i had ever owned) was eaten 2 days after she hatched, and her colour is very similar to his.

Chickens are tough little people, aren't they?!
Well done that chicken!!!

And by the way, big kids don't like doing the horrible deed either
Congrats on the hen's recovery! I agree, I do not like to even think of doing that horrible deed, either.. Good luck w/ your girl and flock...

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