A tale of sadness, potential loss and distress, with a happy ending.

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Dec 17, 2015
Vadsby, Denmark

At present we have 78 birds. 68 of them were hatched out this season. We let them roam during the day, and have had no problems that we are aware of but....

The other day I was coming in from outside and noticed an overturned dish basin moving. My first thought was "rat" so imagine my surprise when I lifted it to find one of our elder hatchlings underneath! Apparently, she got under it then could not get back out. She had to have been there for at least a couple of days. I felt so awful!

I brought her in, put her in a nice fresh box with plenty of food and water. I broke out the hair dryer and spent an hour or so drying her out and getting her warm. She's picked right up and seems to be doing very well.


I now have a new shadow. She is never more than a couple of feet away from me and spends most of her time sitting on my shoulder or lap. In fact she is asleep on my shoulder as I type.

I feel really awful about the trauma she's suffered. The offending basin is now removed from the area and this should not happen again. I think how lucky we both are that she moved at just the right time for me to see it. While I'd rather she were still a 'real' chicken, having a cuddle junkie come out of said trauma is, at least, a silver lining.

That's a great story! Chicken keeping is full of twists and turns, sometimes it's hard to keep up! She is a gorgeous chicken, and I think it's great that she has bonded with you so closely....Sometimes the little ones that have had it the hardest are the friendliest. Good luck with her--and the rest of your flock! :)
So glad it turned out good. She's a real cutie too! Enjoy her cuddles, as most aren't like that! Enjoy! Welcome to BYC! So glad you joined us!

I have to admit, all I knew of chickens before we started was the "Looney Tunes" stereotype. I know much better now. It's amazing to me, now, that we seem to have lost our connection with chickens in just a generation or two. My grandparents had chickens in their lives as a matter of course - now we chicken keepers are the exceptions, not the rule. It's a shame, they really are pretty awesome critters.

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