A Texas Tradition

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  1. Here in Texas there is a tradition dating back to the war o' the secession [​IMG] that says that anyone who enters your home on New Years Day should eat black eyed peas for luck. Since I was born and raised north of the Mason-Dixon Line I have been working on perfecting my recipe for several years. I think I've finally got it.

    Prep time - 48 hours minimum


    1 lb black eyed peas
    4-6 slices Wright Hickory Smoked Bacon cut into 2" pieces
    2-3 slices red onion, quartered
    1 very small dried hot pepper with seeds, minced
    4 tbs Morton Season-All seasoned salt
    Salt to taste


    Soak peas covered in water for a minimum of 24 hours, 48 or more would be better.

    Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a very large non-stick pot and bring to a full boil. reduce to simmer and cook covered for 24 hours minimum adding water as necessary stirring occasionally. Once again, 48 would be best. They're ready when the broth is thick. Reduce heat to keep warm,stirring occasionally and serve when you're ready.

    Another tradition calls for the eating of greens on New Years Day to insure wealth. (Green = money = wealth, I suppose [​IMG]). So far it hasn't worked for me, and I don't like greens except for spinach so I just use whatever I have in a can.

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