A tiny tiny hen. Will she grow up?


8 Years
Jul 6, 2011
Town of Clayton
I purchased three 9 week old pullets (well the seller said they were 16 weeks but we discovered through their changes that they are much younger). One of them is an Easter Egger, I'd say she's crossed with a Faverolle. She is just so stinkin tiny still. She gets in there with the big girls and feeds, I will even pull her aside and feed her extra. She is happy, energetic, drinks well, and social. Her crop feels full at night, they have all been wormed, dusted for mites, etc. Will she always be tiny? I mean we're talkng a pound at 19 weeks.
I will try to get a pic of her and a another pullet tonite. I guess I didn't think of her being a bantam.
But very possible now that you mention it. And she is like a kitten, she is my little shadow out in the yard.

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