A trurkey that sings to me

I have a Turkey that sings all day long , I had 6 and gave away 2 to a friend . But out of them all my one turkey sings . It started the day I got them , and only one does it is this the norm? I got them when they were one day old and they all are white meat turkey.
But only one sings , as I'm doing things I whistle back to it and it does it back each and every time. I'm sure that this has nothing to do with weather its a boy or girl it just likes to sing. Not to sure why but I had 6 and now down to one as everyone wants a turkey as I got them late in the season from a place around me . I'm not even sure if I have a turkey 100% as I was told that my black ones were going to stay 100% black well they are getting white on them and was told 90% females but if you don't know what to look for as I'm a first timer this year and I'm ready to take in some for meat and keep my favs for egg layin & babies next spring as I got to sick for doing the incubator thing I got ulcers bleeding ones over watching the temp & all. But is it the norm for a turkey to sing all day long ? I feel dumb as I have read tons all last year about birds and my chicks talk but not even them sing. So should I take my turkey to sining classes lol just kidding but would like to know if this is the norm for them??? Hope everyone have a great Friday


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What sound is it making that it sounds like singing? Turkeys do have a trill call they will do, usually a hen does it. You said you are unsure if it's a turkey? If you have white turkey meat breeds than they won't be able to reproduce and they won't live very long, you would need to get some heritage breeds.


Feb 7, 2016
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My two turkeys are just starting to get the naked head, but they'll follow me around the garden trilling and purring after I let them out of the run. It seems like a happy, contented noise to me.

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