A very beautiful girl, but cannot find her breed!


Jan 21, 2016
Kent, UK
Hi all,

I bought 3 POL's a few months back, 2 are very common breeds but 1 girl, I cannot find out what she is, purely by her colour! She is not white, she is not yellow or golden, but like a cream colour. Her neck feathers shine golden cream in the sunlight. I have had white chooks before and she is definitely not white.

Apologies for the poor cam quality, but can anybody help me out? :)

Many thanks :)

Looking at pics of Amber stars, I believe you are right :) She does have some darker pigment splodges on a few of her feathers :)

Thanks very much :) She is a lovely girl and very friendly :)
I think amber star also - very pretty girl
She is actually covered on her head/comb/wattles in pineapple juice from a cold fruit treat, with added sprinkles of dirt.. very sticky :) She doesnt mind her sponge bath to clean her back, but cleaning the comb etc is difficult :)

Her legs are white, more so than pink :)

What I meant was that the whitish to pink colored legs indicate that the chicken has white skin, which would mean that she wouldn't be the commercial cross called the Amber Star because they have yellow skin and legs. I bet she is just a farm mix that doesn't have a specific name.

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