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A Week in the life of Margaret Kohler.....

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by Blonde, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Blonde

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    Aug 12, 2011
    Chapter One

    Margaret Kohler sat by the front door tapping her foot impatiently. Every ten seconds she glanced at the clock and the hands that never seemed to move. Finally there was a knock on the door, she sprang out of the chair and flung the door open. She was about to rush outside when all of the sudden, she stopped. Standing outside the door wasn’t her dear, beloved cousin Mary; it was her not so dear and beloved younger sister, April. Margaret’s draw dropped to the floor and April said, “Margaret, what ever is the matter?”
    “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?! Well I’ll tell you what’s the matter! I expect to see Mary standing outside my door, and who do I see, YOU!” Margaret always had a fiery temper which she had trouble controlling (especially around April). Anyways, April stood there for a moment and then walked casually in.
    “I saw Mary on the way in. She told me to tell you that she had to pick up some supplies in town and would be here shortly. She also told me I could-
    “What I want to know is why are you here?” Margaret moaned.
    “Why, I’m here for the, “Daddy Long Legs” auditions. And on the way in when I met Mary I told her I was going to stay at a hotel but she wouldn’t have it she said ‘Why April Kohler I’m ashamed of you, thinking you were going to have to stay in a hotel when your sister Margaret would be more than happy to host you.’ And there’s more but I think you get the picture…” Margaret sighed. The next minute there was another knock on the door and Margaret ran over and opened it nearly breaking the glass. There to her relief stood Mary.
    “OOOOOOH! MARY!” Margaret squelled. She wrapped her arms around Mary and Mary being nearly suffocated, managed to say,
    “Margaret… let go… can’t breath.” Margaret upon hearing this let go imedietly and apologized, but before she could say anymore Mary interrupted,
    “Oh and Margaret I hope you don’t mind that I told April that she could stay here.”
    “Why of course not,” she said sarcasticly.
    “oh good” said Mary “I was afraid you weren’t going to let her stay”
    “Now Mary, don’t be silly, of course April can stay with me, she’s my sister” said Margaret with a smile towards Mary and a glare towards April, April ignored her, which made Margaret even madder.
    “so I guess I can start unpacking in your room?” asked April, unconscious of the storm clouds gathering in her sisters eyes
    “actually Mary was going to sleep in my room with me” said Margaret trying not to look too angry
    “I know, I was thinking maybe we could all sleep together like we used to when we were little” said April innocently
    “you still are little, your only 13”
    “well I guess I am” said April “but anyway, can I start unpacking in your room?”
    “sure April” said Margaret with a voice as cold and as sweet as ice-cream.
    April made her way up-stairs and when she disappeared into Margaret’s room Margaret let out an angry sigh and said,
    “That girl! She makes me so mad!” then Margaret stormed up-stairs, ran into the guest room and slammed the door, leaving Mary standing in the middle of the living room holding all the luggage.


    Mary awoke the next morning with a heavy weight over her legs, she looked around to see Margaret sprawled out on top of her. “Oh, Margaret wake up,” Mary sighed as she visously shook her cousin awake. When Margaret did not respond Mary glanced up at the clock on the pink wall. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the time and remembered that her and Margaret had to go to school. Mary jumped up, knocking Margaret off her legs and sprang towards the closet. She pulled open the closet doors and yanked out a white blouse, black vest and a black skirt. Margaret by now had waken up and was staggering down to the kitchen. Mary ran down the stairs in time to stop Margaret mid way through making her tea, “No time Margaret, you have to get ready or we’ll be late for colledge!”
    “what!?!?” half screamed Margaret, she jumped up and spilled hot tea on the toes of Mary, who was following Margaret into the dressing room. Margaret laced herself into a bright purple gown with an enormous hoop skirt, and more lace than it would take to wrap around 25 elephants, she put on a pearl necklace and began piling her long brown hair (which she had stayed up late curling last night) on top on her head, she carefully pinned it and placed three long peacock feathers in it, pulled on her pink silk elbow gloves. Then she began putting on her VERY high heeled boots and announced that she was ready to go. Mary was about to protest but gave up. They both rushed down stairs and out the door completely forgetting about April. A few minutes later they were running up the stairs to college. They ran past several young men and Margaret slowed down to a walk and starred. Mary upon seeing her cousin blinking her eye lashes flurtasously she ran and grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the college doors… after school Margaret forced Mary to linger about where the later classes got off school. Several girls passed and finally to Margaret’s relief the boys were let out Margaret made flirting hand waves and eyes at the most attractive and Mary rolled her eyes. Then suddenly a tall brown haired blue eyed gentlman walked out the colledge doors, Mary stopped in her tracks and openly starred, suddenly to her delight he stopped to talk to her
    “good afternoon” he said politely
    “g-good afternoon” said Mary dreamily
    “you must be miss Mary, your cousin Margaret has told me a lot about you” he responded
    “yes I am, do you know my cousin?” asked Mary, trying to act natural
    “yes I do” he said suddenly coloring “we hang out every once in a while”
    Mary’s face fell, ‘Margaret?’ she thought ‘is it possible that, that he likes HER’ then she remembered that she needed to respond to this gentleman who was standing in front of her
    “how rude of me, not to introduce myself, I’m Mary”
    “I know, remember, Margaret told me, my name is Peter Wiliams”
    at that moment Mary noticed Margaret, who was giggling uncontrollably over the joke of some gentleman who was walking with her
    “oh dear, I must go get my cousin” said Mary as she ran off to fetch Margaret. Mary having jerked Margaret away and was pulling her down the road to Margaret’s house.
    “What was that all about” Margaret giggled.
    “What was what all about?” Mary said trying to sound like she didn’t know what Margaret was talking about.

    I wrote this when i was about ten! I had such silly ideas back then!
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