A wolf with a tracking collar...

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by TDM, Aug 10, 2011.

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    A real problem. The solution.....

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    Git 'em boy!
  3. TDM

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    Quote:The wolf must have got his his head stuck in the electric poultry netting and gotten zapped, 'cause a section of fence was completely knocked down and the fence posts were bent over. Meanwhile, he had a leisurely meal on some of my birds. The wolf has gotten several calves from the dairy farm across the road. This 120 pound GP girl is my only real hope besides extermination.

    The DNR thinks the wolves will help reduce the deer population. Unfortunately, it is easier for the wolf to chase down a calf or chicken than a deer.
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    I really like the looks of those portable chicken houses. Classic red barn style. Easy on the eyes.

    I thought wolves hunted packs?
  5. TDM

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    Quote:Thanks, I'm a tenant farmer and need to have things look good.

    The dairy farmer said it was solitary wolf. I hope it doesn't have a pack because if so then my girl is dead.
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    OT - I love those coops on wheels. That is the ultimate!
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    Oh! you mean the wolf has a tracking collar on it?? Everyone is taking your post the wrong way thinking you are calling your dog a wolf....
    well i did anyway [​IMG]
    So if you can't trap or shoot it I would suggest electric fencing.

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    [​IMG] I am confused.
  9. TDM

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    Quote:I changed the title. The wolf has little fear of the four foot high electric poultry netting, and it is against the law to shoot the wolf. I had to bring out my Great Pyrenees LGD to act as a deterrent.
  10. tiki244

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    Yeah I FEEL your pain. [​IMG] Hope the GP doesnt get hurt and you finally get rid of the darn pest. Maybe DNR can extinguish? Good luck there though. All they do is pay a paultry amount and call it even. [​IMG]

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