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    I did the first initial worming with Wazine on the day I noticed suspicious poo and plan to follow up with Valbazen. Trouble is, I'm leaving for vacation and the 10 day follow up worming is a day after I leave. Since Valbazen apparently works on worms for three days, can I give it to them a day ahead of time? Or should I wait until I get back which would be 13 days after the initial worming.
    My neighbor is taking care of the birds while I'm gone but I don't feel comfortable asking him to medicate them.
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    I would wait til I returned for the initial worming. The point of the 10 day wait is to allow hatching of the eggs that the first round didn't kill, because Valbazen doesn't kill eggs.

    Next time, you can just use Valbazen and skip the Wazine, which you could also have done this time. Valbazen kills them all, Wazine onl roundworms, and Valbazen's manner of action is such that even if there is a huge worm load, the dead worms have no ill effect on the bird.
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    I'd probably just give them the Valbazen the day before I left and then ten days later, or when I got home and ten days later. [​IMG] Either way it would be two doses of Valbazen tens days apart.

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